Alumni Connect With Prospective Students

Though Nancy and C.J. Hunter graduated from Asbury University in 1981, the couple has continued to influence the Asbury community. For more than 25 years, they have encouraged high school students from their youth group and community in and around Washington, Kentucky, to visit campus and have even led trips to campus themselves. Roughly 20 of the students introduced to Asbury by the Hunters have gone on to enroll in and graduate from the university.

Nancy, who teaches at Maysville Community College, has had the opportunity to get to know local high schoolers through serving as a youth counselor at Trinity United Methodist Church in Maysville and leading a weekly prayer breakfast for high school students. She encourages the students to consider Asbury because of the experience she had as a student.

“It was absolutely wonderful,” Nancy says of her time at Asbury. “I have made some of the best friends while I was at Asbury. Even though I teach at a community college, there will be no college like Asbury to me. I had one of the most wonderful experiences anybody could ever have at college … It is the most special place in the world to me.”

C.J. has also gotten to know students as the choir director at Mason County High School and the orchestra director for second through 12th grades in the Mason County School District.

“We brought C.J.’s choir a few weeks ago, and one of the adult leaders rode home with me that night, and she said, ‘I have never seen a place where students were so friendly when they didn’t have to be,’” recounts Nancy. “She knew about Asbury … but until she was on campus, she didn’t understand what separates it and makes it truly so special.”

Nancy considers the spiritual atmosphere of Asbury to be what distinguishes it most greatly from other schools. She wants high school students not only to hear about Asbury, but also to visit the campus because she knows this atmosphere cannot be conveyed through words alone.

“You can go to many universities for academics, but to round out the whole person — body, soul and spirit — I have never been anywhere that that could happen except Asbury… And it’s really not something you can tell people. They have to experience it, and that’s why we have tried to bring so many students.”

Among the students introduced to Asbury by the Hunters are their own children, Katie ’06 and Charlie ’11.

“The thing that my husband and I wanted most in life was for our children to be able to go to Asbury,” said Nancy. “We want them to experience what we did because it was so meaningful and life-changing for us.” Because of the investment the Hunters have made in students’ lives, many more have also been able to attend Asbury University and share in the life-changing experience.