I have an M.A. in journalism, but these days my writing usually takes the form of marketing copywriting. I write product copy for web and print, niche content to generate leads, newsletter articles, and more. (And I love AP Style, but given the choice, I'll always opt for that Oxford comma.) 

When I’m not crafting my own copy, I’m often editing someone else’s (preferably with a pink pen). I'll never correct your grammar to your face, but I once had a missive about misused apostrophes get picked up by Slate, ABC News, Good Morning America, and Gotham Writers

If you'd like more samples of my copywriting or editing or have a writing request, please use my contact form. If you'd like to see my more playful, personal writing, check out my blog.

As an undergraduate student, I worked as an editorial intern in the Asbury University Office of Public Relations. I’ve included a few examples of pieces I wrote for the university website and alumni magazine.

Dream Becomes Reality for APS Student

Ensembles Pay Tribute to Asbury Prof

Math Department Enters International Event

Alumni Connect With Prospective Students