To jort or not to jort.

Confession: I bought some jorts. Cute or not cute?

If somebody had told me two summers ago that I would purchase pleated and cuffed jorts in 2011, I would have been like, "Girl, you crazy."

So I'm not sure how I feel about this recent purchase. All I know is that Missouri is hot in August.

What's your opinion? ('Cause, I mean, I am the queen of returning things.)

Make-Me-Happy Tuesdays

Want to know what made me happy today (and the last three days)? Not being on a schedule. And I am exercising my lack of schedule by posting this on Tuesday rather than Monday. So far on break I have:

  • designed two posters
  • read three chapters of my Spanish textbook (¡en español!)
  • read all of this book for my Spanish paper
  • read half of this book for my Spanish paper
  • outlined my Spanish paper
  • finally come up with a topic for my screenplay for narratives
  • downloaded a program that will make writing said screenplay much quicker/easier
  • read five chapters of my narratives textbook
  • met best friend Brooke's boyfriend
  • hung with best friend Lindsay
  • missed best friend Taylor
  • called my workplace from last year and secured a summer job
  • scheduled a much needed haircut

Which reminds me. . . I can't decide what to do about my hair!!! Remember when I had this dilemma, oh, eight months ago? Well, for several weeks I've been planning to get it chopped off like this... And I've been majorly looking forward to it, but I just keep thinking about best friend Emily's wedding this summer, and I can't DECIDE!


Bridesmaids (missing Brooke and Laura) and the lovely bride! (My right arm has never looked more awkward than it does in this photo.)

Maybe I want it to be long for the wedding!? Can't decide! I usually get it all cut off in the spring. In fact, 2009 was the first year in five years that I didn't get it all cut off . . . as evidenced by this compilation photo I made while watching American Idol.


2005-2008 (clockwise from top left)

Am I ridiculous for making a compilation photo of my haircuts? YES. Does it help indecisive and visually-learning people like me? YES. The haircut is tomorrow at 4:00! What to do? What to do? What to do? More reading for Spanish. . . Well, that I don't have much of a choice about.

I'm scheduled to get my hair cut Saturday.

For the first time in a year. Preface: This might be vain. But. It's my blog.

My hair's getting really long, and I normally go from long to short to long to short, so I would normally just cut it all off at this point. But I've seen so many cute hairstyles lately--short or long or...banged--that it's been hard for me to choose. I have compiled some pictures to help me make my decision.


Here's my hair at the longest and shortest it's been in recent years in both curly and straight forms. I kind of think that my face looks better with short hair but that my hair itself looks better long.

Reasons to get just the ends trimmed and let it keep growing:


Okay, I'm well aware that my hair will never look like that of these girls. I can never get it to curl much, but on its best long days, it looks kind of like a brunette version of Whitney's here.



These girls look adorable with bangs, which kind of makes me want to try them. My face is oval, so I could pull it off, right? But I had bangs when I was little and definitely looked better once I got rid of them.

And all too often, bangs end up looking terrible.


Yeah, sorry about that.

I think I might just get my side bangs cut back in. Oh, how I've missed them.


I feel like those are a lot harder to mess up.

Oh, oh, but then I see girls with short hair.


And how cute do they look? Yeah, I know Kelly's on there twice. Two different years. I think short hair makes girls look confident, too, because too many girls with long hair seem just to hide behind their locks.


I think I'm going to get the side bangs cut back in and let it keep getting longer until March-ish, and then, when it's really long, I'll get it all cut off like Hayden's above. Thoughts?