This has gotta be the good life.

This summer has been a complete whirlwind. I can't believe how fast it has gone, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that I'll be headed back to Missouri in only two weeks. (For my final year of school, no less!) I wish I could hit pause on life and make summer linger. Here's the two-minute recap of this summer's highlights:

There was the weekend we went to the lake.

So much beautiful Kentucky scenery. So much fun catching up on the car trips to and from the lake itself. Nothing makes me relax quite like a trip to the lake.

There was the weekend Kristina had her dress fitting and her wedding shower. 

Obviously I can't show you pics of her dress, but there's a little hint of what's to come with the coral bridesmaids dresses! Dress-up, pool lounging, a Chick-fil-A trip, and young love made for a perfect weekend.

There was the weekend of Evan and Kensi's wedding.

So many friends came to town! And it felt so normal — so right — for all of us to be back together. How I miss my Asbury family!

Kensi and Evan have such a sweet story, and it made their wedding that much more fun. We snapped a pic with the groom before the ceremony and hit up McDonald's in between the ceremony and the reception. (It was like 104 degrees, so obviously we needed some sweet tea stat.)

Four of the girls at our table were also engaged, and I'm so excited that we have lots more weddings to look forward to! (Next up Katelyn!)

Saying goodbye to these kids was the worst. Goodbyes always make me eager for Heaven.

There was the weekend I went to Georgia with my fam. 

Pretty sure my cousins are the cutest kids in the world.

There was the weekend we went to Ohio for (another!) shower for Kristina. 

Kristina's going to be moving to Ohio after the wedding (cue tears), but her shower was Kentucky-themed! Oh, and we went running, which I've been doing lately.More on that in the next blog.

And there was the (middle-of-the-week) faux weekend that we hit up Betsy's houseboat for Kristina's bachelorette party.

Seriously, though, how good does all our coral look? I want everyone to color coordinate for every event from now on.

This weekend is the first one in almost two months that I've actually stayed put. I've loved the busy weekends, but I think I need a few more like this, too. Can we all pretend that summer will last forever?

More hellos, please.


Back home in Kentucky once again.

Leaving Missouri tore me up. I snapped this photo of an intersection on Mizzou's campus on the day after I finished my schoolwork, which also happened to be the day before I started packing up all of my stuff to head home. That whole last week in Missouri was so painful. I just kept crying because I dreaded the pending goodbyes. I wish Missouri and Kentucky could be as close as those street signs make them look.

Grad school is funny because, if you're in a two-year program like mine, you basically go straight from being a freshman to being a senior. Leaving Asbury was heart-wrenching for me, and the anticipation of moving to a new state by myself was also pretty miserable, but I looked forward to staying put for a while. I liked the idea of being at the beginning of something rather than the end.

But now I feel like I'm about to enter senior year again. And it came so soon. I'm looking at next year and anticipating more goodbyes. All the people I love there — and there are so many more than I ever expected — are people I'm going to say goodbye to.

Being home this week has been wonderful because I've gotten to catch up with some of my much missed home girlies. I started calling my high school friends that on this blog to differentiate between them and my college friends, a.k.a. school girlies. But almost none of my "home" girlies actually live at home anymore.

We all used to be within a 15-minute drive from each other, but now we're scattered — the farthest of us no closer than 15 hours from each other.

Despite our scattered-ness, we're all excitedly gearing up for best friend Kristina's August wedding. She'll be the fourth of our little group of nine to get married since 2010, and after her wedding she'll be moving to Ohio. So I will savor this summer, the last one when she'll be just a three-block walk (or a 30-second drive) from my house.

When I had only one year left in college, I knew I was headed to grad school. That summer I visited Mizzou and VCU and UGA and UNC and WVU. I was making plans. Now with one year left in grad school, I have no idea what I'm doing afterward. All I know is that I hate the idea of moving again. But avoiding a move leaves me only two options: stay in Columbia or stay in Lexington.

Many of my Columbia friends aren't planning to stay there longer than one more year anyway. A couple of my closest COMO friends won't even be there when I get back in August. And, as stated above, my home friends aren't exactly sticking around either.

I have a feeling that both cities will feel the way Asbury's campus feels now. I've been back to Asbury a few times since leaving last May, and though I love seeing the friends who are still there, the vast majority of people I knew there are gone. It's simultaneously like: Oh, how I miss this place! and But where is everybody?

At the end of senior year, our friend group wrote each other letters to be opened one year later. Abby kept them and early this month mailed us each envelopes full of year-old letters from our friends. And here's my confession: I haven't opened mine yet. I'm afraid that I can't handle how much more it will make me miss everyone. I already miss everyone so much.

I am experiencing what my mom calls "nice problems." My heart hurts because I love so many people and can't be with all of them. It hurts because I love so many places and can't be in all of them. I realize that these are, arguably, the best types of problems to have. What's far more sad is when people don't have other people to love at all.

Still, I wish I could stop everyone from spreading any farther apart. It's like Charles Schulz said:

“Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.”

You and me both, Charles.

Vote for Abe!

So my friend Abe — I have to say that as much as possible now so that when he gets famous, people will know that I knew him when — is in the semi-finals of a TopBlip contest whose winner gets to open for Andy Grammer. (♫ But you gotta keep your head up, oh oh / And you can let your hair down, eh eh ♪) If you don't know Abe in real life, you may remember him from this video that I posted in October.

He is super talented, he looks weirdly like Mr. Bingley, and the song he sings in this video is totes adorbs. So watch it and then go vote (every day)!

YouTube Gold

Four friends from my brother hall made this music video in the basement of an Asbury dorm a couple of years ago. It enjoyed a brief stint online before one of them robbed the internet of its goodness by taking it down. This week, however, it reemerged on YouTube, so I'm posting it in hopes that it will somehow be catapulted to viral video fame.

Featuring LandonAbe, Holland and [linkless] Bill

p.s. The best part is the octave change right around 2:20. Whole new octave of awesome.

Blogging on the go.

Here's my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone! I've been on the go go go for the last couple of weeks, and this is my second out-of-town weekend in a row. Here are a few pics of my recent adventures! (Some are instagrammed, and some are not. I should start taking pictures only with instagram because they look better that way!)

Drove through Cinci with my mom to visit Ikea! This was my fave desk there, so I just might be headed back up there this week to pick one up for my room!

Look what a champ my mom is! She always brings measuring tape on trips like this to make planning easy!

Met my lovely new housemate, Alysa! She will be a senior nursing student at Mizzou this year, and she is best friends with my dear friend Bethany!

Went to Betsy's houseboat for a weekend! Here I am with Linds and Stephanie on the run-about!

With Steph, Brooke, and Bets on top of the boat!

Got to see sweet Dottie and Adam right after they got engaged!

Her bling bling! She seriously has the cutest hands ever.

Got diagnosed with bronchitis! Aaah, daycare life. I was sick for no less than four of the six weeks I worked there this summer.

Wish I could post pics of my sweet kiddos from work. I've only been done for two days, and I already miss them. I can't really explain it. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I love them so!

Hopped into my new car with the whole fam on Thurs to drive down to Georgia to visit grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids! There's my dad navigating the roads!

Wish I'd taken more pics of my sweet cousins! Here are Chandler and Kip. The sweetest 7- and 4-year-old boys! They have brand new twin sisters, Emily Collins and Sterling, who I got to play with yesterday!

I will see my other little cousins, Canon and Abby Kate again tonight! They have another baby sister, Caroline Grace, on the way, too! Just wish I got to see them all more.

I'll be back in good ol' KY on Monday, and then it's crazy packingshoppingloadingcryingmovingfreakingout time! See you soon, Missouri!