It's been a while.

I have been so busy. So busy. This semester is flying by.

1. Happy belated birthday to my favorite dad ever! Can't wait to see you on Sunday!


(Can you tell we like Georgia?)

2. I just want to hear from Mizzou already. I spend 70% of my day thinking about it. Yes, I know this isn't healthy. I go back and forth between reassuring myself that I will get in and bracing myself in case I don't. GRR. And I look Mizzou up on the internet approximately 15 times a day. And I look at pictures, and I read articles, and I drool. Also, I have become quite the Twitter stalker. Forget Facebook. If you have tweeted about Mizzou in the last month, I have read your tweet. If you have tweeted about the Mizzou grad school, I might have bookmarked it. I know. Unhealthy.

I just. want. to go there.


Photo via that newspaper that, oh, yeah, Mizzou students write. I know, right?

(And, yes, that photo was taken in an undergrad classroom, but I feel like it just says so much about the school. All those Apples? They have their heads on straight.)

3. Today when I left the chiropractor, I didn't schedule another appointment. (Background: I began seeing a chiropractor in November because of my leg pain, and he has been amazingly helpful.)

I'm sure I'll go back to him for tune-ups in the future, but I didn't go ahead and schedule because I don't know when I will need to see him again. In the last six years, I have seen eight physical therapists about my legs, and each time I have been discharged for the same reason: they have done all they could do.

But today I was discharged from the chiropractor because he had done all he needed to do. Great feeling.



Here's to hoping I'll be running soon. Hoping hoping hoping.

4. I guess it's no secret that Tenth Avenue North is good, but seriously. They are good. GOOD.

"By Your Side" from Over and Underneath.

KATELYN, my love.

Following the trend of birthdays of late. . .Picture definitions for Katelyn's 22nd!


groov·y /ˈgro͞ovē/ Adjective: Fashionable and exciting.


Geor·gian /ˈjôrjən/ Adjective: of or relating to the state of Georgia in the U.S.


lus·trous /ˈləstrəs/ Adjective: having luster, shining.


fan·cy /ˈfansē/ Adjective: Designed to impress.


be·spec·ta·cled /biˈspektəkəld/ Adjective: (of a person) Wearing eyeglasses.


chum·my /ˈCHəmē/ Adjective: On friendly terms

Katelyn, my froomie and my friend! I hope your 22nd was delicious.

Happy birthdays to Anna and DJ!

Continuing the tradition started by Liz's birthday, I did picture-definitions for your joint birthday post.

But. . . I put them in a slideshow!

Still riding the struggle bus in my attempt to get everything transferred from my old blog. Content missing here. #sadface

This is the first time I've used Picasa to make a picture slideshow. I hope it works for you all!

LOVE you both! Can't believe how old we all are!