It all ends 7.15

The release date for the final Harry Potter movie somehow feels like the finish line of my childhood.

I've always been the same age as Harry. We've grown up together.

In the next five months, I will turn 22 and graduate from college and move eight hours from home. And I'll watch the last HP movie—the final installment in the seven-book, eight-movie story that has unfolded alongside my own life.

And I think I feel the same way about the movie that I do about growing up. Excited, yes, but also sad.

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

It's that day again: Monday! (I'm tempted to say that what made me happy this Monday was Taylor's visit or three-day weekends, but, alas, Tay and three-day weekends have both already been featured on MMHM.)

You want to know what else has been making me happy today and all weekend? This trailer:

I know, RIGHT!? I can't even function when I think about the newest Harry Potter movie.

Belen posted the vid on her blog on Thursday, and I have watched it multiple times every day since.

I might even have called the nearest IMAX theater to ask when tix would go on sale for the midnight showing!

The girl I talked to was like, "Uh, you should probably call back a couple months before it comes out." Sorry, I just can't contain my excitement!

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am dying to go to the theme park.

I want to stroll in Hogsmeade,


be chosen by a wand in Ollivander's,


stock up on Sugar Quills at Zonko's,


and pretend, if only for a day, that all the Harry Potter magic is real.

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Yes, please!

So the sound in this is messed up, but I have to share it anyways.


I'm so glad they're turning the last book into two movies. I'd be so sad if this were the last one I had to look forward to!