Make-Me-Happy Mondays

What makes me happy today is David Archuleta's new song! I can't stop replaying it!

Did I ever mention that I MET HIM!? 'Cause I did.


And let me just tell you, we are in love.

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

It's that day again: Monday! (I'm tempted to say that what made me happy this Monday was Taylor's visit or three-day weekends, but, alas, Tay and three-day weekends have both already been featured on MMHM.)

You want to know what else has been making me happy today and all weekend? This trailer:

I know, RIGHT!? I can't even function when I think about the newest Harry Potter movie.

Belen posted the vid on her blog on Thursday, and I have watched it multiple times every day since.

I might even have called the nearest IMAX theater to ask when tix would go on sale for the midnight showing!

The girl I talked to was like, "Uh, you should probably call back a couple months before it comes out." Sorry, I just can't contain my excitement!

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am dying to go to the theme park.

I want to stroll in Hogsmeade,


be chosen by a wand in Ollivander's,


stock up on Sugar Quills at Zonko's,


and pretend, if only for a day, that all the Harry Potter magic is real.

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Make-Me-Happy Mondays

Okay, I've decided that I need to get back on the ball with Make-Me-Happy Mondays. What's made me happy every time I've gotten on my computer this week is. . .

the sweet boy whose picture I've made my desktop background!


Isn't he the most precious, adorable, sweet, little, darling baby doll you have ever seen!?<


I am so in love with him.


Wook at those wittle (big) cheekies.


I want to give him a big hug.


Looks like he's feeling better!


Gaaaaah. My favorite picture. I've never seen anything so adorable.

I'm so grateful that this family uploaded their little boy to Flickr. I hope that they don't randomly come across this and think I'm a creeper. All photos from here.

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

What makes me happy today is progress. . .



I have been terribly overwhelmed with work lately (as evidenced by my lack of posts).

But I have slowly been chipping away at my two major tasks:

Spanish paper (due next Monday) 7 out of 7 pages written. Much more editing to do.

Screenplay (due Friday) 21.5 out of 25 pages written. Editing and reflection paper to do.

I'm so very sick of working, but I'm getting there. I'm getting there.

p.s. This is in no way to say that I'm ready for the end of the year. I am, in fact, terribly sad to see the seniors go. Sad face. I wish the schoolwork could end, and college itself could continue. I hate goodbyes.

Make-Me-Happy Tuesdays

Want to know what made me happy today (and the last three days)? Not being on a schedule. And I am exercising my lack of schedule by posting this on Tuesday rather than Monday. So far on break I have:

  • designed two posters
  • read three chapters of my Spanish textbook (¡en español!)
  • read all of this book for my Spanish paper
  • read half of this book for my Spanish paper
  • outlined my Spanish paper
  • finally come up with a topic for my screenplay for narratives
  • downloaded a program that will make writing said screenplay much quicker/easier
  • read five chapters of my narratives textbook
  • met best friend Brooke's boyfriend
  • hung with best friend Lindsay
  • missed best friend Taylor
  • called my workplace from last year and secured a summer job
  • scheduled a much needed haircut

Which reminds me. . . I can't decide what to do about my hair!!! Remember when I had this dilemma, oh, eight months ago? Well, for several weeks I've been planning to get it chopped off like this... And I've been majorly looking forward to it, but I just keep thinking about best friend Emily's wedding this summer, and I can't DECIDE!


Bridesmaids (missing Brooke and Laura) and the lovely bride! (My right arm has never looked more awkward than it does in this photo.)

Maybe I want it to be long for the wedding!? Can't decide! I usually get it all cut off in the spring. In fact, 2009 was the first year in five years that I didn't get it all cut off . . . as evidenced by this compilation photo I made while watching American Idol.


2005-2008 (clockwise from top left)

Am I ridiculous for making a compilation photo of my haircuts? YES. Does it help indecisive and visually-learning people like me? YES. The haircut is tomorrow at 4:00! What to do? What to do? What to do? More reading for Spanish. . . Well, that I don't have much of a choice about.