Ode to My Toes


This little piggy is blistered

This little piggy is numb

This little piggy and this little piggy have fused into one

And this little piggy when wah wah wah all throughout my run

This little piggy is bleeding This little piggy is gone This little piggy’s poor toenail is barely hanging on And this little piggy and this little piggy… Seriously, though, who needs toes anyway?

Finally dipping my toes back into blogging. (Pun shamelessly intended.) Said toes are in a sorry state these days. Thanks, running. It's slightly amusing to me to think about my deteriorating toes when I consider how much time and energy and money have been put into eliminating pain from my legs and knees and back. I’m trying so hard to take good care of my legs; every little twinge puts me on high alert. But my toes? I'm like, eh, LET ’EM BLEED.