The Bachelor's Lessons on Life & Love: Episode 2


It's week two at the Bachelor Mansion, which means 16 women think Juan Pablo is their boyfriend, though — let's be honest — none of them actually know him at all. Let's recount what they/we actually know at this point:

  • He is attractive.
  • He has an accent. (An ah-sent, as he would say.)
  • He is a former pro soccer player.
  • He is a good dad.
  • He is willing to make out with multiple women in rapid succession.

The researchers — er, women — in the house no doubt consider that last point an outlier anomalous to their data set and, as a result, have thrown it out to preserve the usefulness of their findings. That it to say, I assume they are ignoring this fact because it doesn't fit with their otherwise rosy perceptions of Juan Pablo.

People who don't regularly watch this show tend to ask the same question when they see the commercials or catch part of an episode (especially one of these early episodes): "How do all of the women know that they like him?"

The Law of Closure — why you see a circle and a rectangle

The Law of Closure — why you see a circle and a rectangle

Allow me to explain a little concept that we graphic designers like to call the Law of Closure. (I say "we graphic designers" to create the illusion that I frequently chat with other designers about Gestalt Principles. In actuality, I just learned about this in a design class one time, and it stuck with me.) So this law basically posits that when your brain perceives an incomplete shape, it will automatically fill in the missing pieces in order to make sense of it.


So, ask me again, how do all the women know that they like him? Easy. They know that they like him because they don't know him at all. They see bits and pieces, and they just make up the rest. He becomes whatever they imagine him to be. It's the Law of Closure on a different level. But whereas our eyes can be mostly trusted to perceive and complete things accurately, our hearts most definitely cannot. Our hearts see what they want to see.

This leads us to our second UTOTW.

Universal Truth of the Week: Any man can be your dream man if you basically just make up his personality in your brain.

I know this is true because crushing on strangers is one of my myriad talents.

I will never live down the time that my froomies Bekah and Melissa were questioning me about a certain severe crush I'd developed on a guy that I barely knew, and I — in an attempt to defend myself — blurted out, "Look, all I know is that he's cute, and he loves Jesus, and my heart filled in the rest."

None of this is true.
None of this is true.

My heart filled in the rest!? Apparently so. I didn't even realize how ridiculous that was until I heard it come out of my mouth.

I sincerely hope the guy whom I said that about is not reading this blog post. And if you are, you're so vain; you probably think this blog is about you. (Don't you? Don't you?)

Just kidding.

You're perfect.

I know because I made up your personality in my brain.