Bad Advice I Read on Pinterest

I imagine the impulse I feel to repin images on Pinterest is somewhat similar to the impulse hoarders feel as they scour the curbs the night before garbage pickup. "I should probably save this," I say to myself. "I might need it someday." These soup recipes, these knitting instructions, this inspirational saying — I might need them one day! These yoga poses, these bathroom color palettes, these pictures of Ron and Hermione — what if I need them later?

Unlike hoarders, however, I'm able to recognize true garbage when I see it. Because it's there, amid the images of casual-chic outfits and perfect curls and dreamboat boyfriends: bad advice. Facepalm-worthy advice. And it's disguised as inspiration.

Let's take a look at some of the more questionable pins I've seen recently:


Shirk your responsibilities! Live off the government! Get cancer!


"Love is selfish. Love is proud." Wait, that's not how it goes...


But Beyonce has way more money and way more assistants, so how is this a fair comparison?


MOST ANNOYING BOYFRIEND EVER. Also, you spelled "boyfriend" wrong.


This stands in stark contrast to one of my own personal adages: Don't do things that will burn your life to the ground.


Your 30-something self will surely thank you for all the bad habits you developed and all the debt you racked up.


Johnny Depp, beacon of wisdom!


That'll hold up in court.


Some style is definitely wrong. Cargo pants. Scrunchies. Cargo pants and scrunchies together.

Because love is a feeling, you guys.


Johnny Depp is gracing us with his wisdom again.


This isn't advice, but I did see it on Pinterest, and I had to include it. Seriously. What is happening here? Do I want to know?


If you're going to rewrite a verse, maybe don't pick one as famous as Romans 8:28.


Except, perhaps, that it is deceitful above all things.


This is not how love works, not how science works, and not how the English language works. See me after class.


Aaand some of the chances we did take. And eating the whole burrito.


Anything? ANYTHING!? Can we take that down a notch?

What bad advice have you seen on Pinterest lately?