The Sound of Sanity

This week has felt like neither spring nor break. It has been comforting to be home and see family, but my days have been devoted to research, not relaxation. I'm experiencing a new level of anxiety as I try to wrap up my research project and my professional project this semester.

I thought I'd share the Spotify playlist that's helping me maintain some semblance of sanity. It's a mixture of the old faves that got me through college and the new faves that I've played on repeat during the most wearying weeks of grad school.

It's 40+ songs that remind me that grad school is not that important, that I will live, that God is in control. Robbie Seay Band, Jimmy Needham, Audrey Assad, Needtobreathe, Shane & Shane, etc. This list is ever growing, so feel free to share other songs that belong on here!