Taylor Swift is taking one for the team.

Every day this Christmas break, my friend Marie-Claire and I have decided to join up in our blogging efforts. We will be choosing a topic and posting our own interpretation of it. So follow along with both of us as we share our completely reliable opinions on fashion, pop culture, and life before our last semester of grad school.

Whenever people criticize Taylor Swift for the number of men — er, boys —  er, guys — she has dated in recent years — and her penchant for using these relationships as lyric fodder — I am like, y'all, we should be thanking her. If T-Swift weren't willing to put her heart on the line publicly time and again, we might not have such pop hits as "Today Was a Fairytale," "Forever and Always," and — duh — "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

When I see pics of Taylor out with a new beau, I recognize that she is risking heartbreak — not to mention criticism — just to be able to provide us, her loyal fans, with our next favorite pop song. Talk about sacrifice.

Taylor Swift is not just some naive ingénue, people. She is a songstress dedicated to her craft.

Speaking of dedication, when was the last time your diary got read on the radio, huh? That's basically what happens to Taylor Swift every time one of her songs plays — which is, like, thousands of times a day.

So next time you find yourself bebopping around the house to one of T-Swift's hits, remember that she took one for the team and be grateful.