Haiku Friday

Every day this Christmas break, my friend Marie-Claire and I have decided to join up in our blogging efforts. We will be choosing a topic and posting our own interpretation of it. So follow along with both of us as we share our completely reliable opinions on fashion, pop culture, and life before our last semester of grad school.


should be invented by now

It's 2012


I missed the wedding

of my dear friend Dottie J.

What a lovely bride!



Classes are over,

and I have this urge to say,

Take that, professors!


Ninety-three point five —

the lowest A you can get,

a.k.a. success



Eight hours alone

passing cornfields en route home

Someone call me please


List'ning to podcasts

made by Focus on the Fam

Am I a grown-up?


T-Swift on repeat

She's finally 23

Now I feel less old


I'd like to pretend

that Asbury didn't end

Can't we all go back?


I trusted MapQuest,

but I'm lost on a horse farm

It led me astray