This has gotta be the good life.

This summer has been a complete whirlwind. I can't believe how fast it has gone, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that I'll be headed back to Missouri in only two weeks. (For my final year of school, no less!) I wish I could hit pause on life and make summer linger. Here's the two-minute recap of this summer's highlights:

There was the weekend we went to the lake.

So much beautiful Kentucky scenery. So much fun catching up on the car trips to and from the lake itself. Nothing makes me relax quite like a trip to the lake.

There was the weekend Kristina had her dress fitting and her wedding shower. 

Obviously I can't show you pics of her dress, but there's a little hint of what's to come with the coral bridesmaids dresses! Dress-up, pool lounging, a Chick-fil-A trip, and young love made for a perfect weekend.

There was the weekend of Evan and Kensi's wedding.

So many friends came to town! And it felt so normal — so right — for all of us to be back together. How I miss my Asbury family!

Kensi and Evan have such a sweet story, and it made their wedding that much more fun. We snapped a pic with the groom before the ceremony and hit up McDonald's in between the ceremony and the reception. (It was like 104 degrees, so obviously we needed some sweet tea stat.)

Four of the girls at our table were also engaged, and I'm so excited that we have lots more weddings to look forward to! (Next up Katelyn!)

Saying goodbye to these kids was the worst. Goodbyes always make me eager for Heaven.

There was the weekend I went to Georgia with my fam. 

Pretty sure my cousins are the cutest kids in the world.

There was the weekend we went to Ohio for (another!) shower for Kristina. 

Kristina's going to be moving to Ohio after the wedding (cue tears), but her shower was Kentucky-themed! Oh, and we went running, which I've been doing lately.More on that in the next blog.

And there was the (middle-of-the-week) faux weekend that we hit up Betsy's houseboat for Kristina's bachelorette party.

Seriously, though, how good does all our coral look? I want everyone to color coordinate for every event from now on.

This weekend is the first one in almost two months that I've actually stayed put. I've loved the busy weekends, but I think I need a few more like this, too. Can we all pretend that summer will last forever?