Cabin Fever

I've been feeling super cooped up today.

My cabin fever doesn't look nearly this cutesy, by the way.

This is like the Pottery Barn version of cabin fever.


All semester I've longed for a break to lounge around and read blogs and shirk responsibility. But I'm kind of lounged out. I'm antsy now. I want to go somewhere or do something.

I haven't seen the girlies much since Secret Santa. They are all:

  • out of town for the holidays
  • entertaining relatives who are in for the holidays
  • working like the adults that they are may or may not be
  • with their husbands

SCRATCH THIS BLOG. Kristina just called! She has been entertaining relatives who are in for the holidays, but now she is going to entertain me. Human interaction is calling my name, kiddos. Talk to you tomorrow.