My Old Kentucky Home

I'm headed home tomorrow, and I'm not sure I've ever felt this excited about anything before. I miss my family terribly, and I miss all my girlies, and I miss Asbury, and I miss Kentucky. I miss the rolling green and the fences and the sunsets and the way the fall smells there.

(Google image-search "Kentucky horse farms," and you will see what I see on the way to the mall or to Asbury or to almost anywhere outside my subdivision. Does that not look like the most beautiful place on the planet? Kentucky is just like a little piece of heaven.)

When I was about to move to Missouri, I thought of Thanksgiving break as the week I just had to make it to. Everything will be okay, Kate, if you can just make it to Thanksgiving break. You will get to go home again. I had wanted so desperately to go to Mizzou, and I was so excited to get in, but my heart felt like it was ripping apart when it actually came time to say goodbye to everyone, pack up and move across the country on my own.

Thanksgiving break has continued to feel like the week I had to make it to, but in a different way than I had expected. I've been overwhelmed with schoolwork, and I've known the week off would be a bit of a respite from that. But I had anticipated a semester of loneliness. I had anticipated a shaky start in a new city and a struggle to find my place. I had thought before I arrived that Thanksgiving break would be a respite from friendlessness.

Turns out that friendlessness is just about the furthest thing from what I've experienced in Missouri. I have felt so enveloped by people in this city, and I just have so many people to love here already. That sounds like such a sorry understatement. It's more like the people I've met here are people whom my heart has somehow known all along. I got here, and it just clicked.

I think this is largely the result of meeting people who share my faith. Jesus provides the perfect common ground for us to start from. I'm so aware that all the people I love here are people he's known about all along. When I moved here, he knew about them. When I applied, he knew about them. When I was first visiting Mizzou last summer, he knew about them. Every person I love here is just another gift from him and another reminder that I am where I'm supposed to be.

So I'm happy to go home tomorrow and see so many people whom I love so dearly. But I'm also happy that I have friends here to say goodbye to. I think it's fitting that this break is for Thanksgiving because I am oh-so-thankful for both the people I'll be leaving behind and the people I'll be heading home to.