Pocket full of Bieber

"I just want to put Justin Bieber in my pocket," Anna said yesterday. I felt she had captured my sentiments toward him perfectly.



You see, I have a long history of swooning over celebs...

As a 9-year-old, I could profess my love for 23-year-old BSB Brian Littrell. At 14, I could fall for 24-year-old Clay Aiken and 25-year-old Shane West. At 19, I didn't feel creepy about loving 17-year-old David Archuleta. And at 20, I had few qualms about drooling over 18-year-old Taylor Lautner.

But enough is enough. At nearly 22, I simply cannot find myself crushing on a 17-year-old. Even one as totes adorbs as Justin Bieber.



I always knew this day would come — the day when crushable celebrities started to be too young for me. And I think I feared that all the fun and excitement that obsessions can offer would somehow dwindle out as well.

But I am finding that I'm simply able to love Justin in a different way — a way that kind of makes me want to pinch his cheeks and make him a sandwich and, yes, put him in my pocket.

As I watched Never Say Never last weekend, I found myself experiencing concern for his well-being. I know. All these years I've been trying to figure out when I'd know I was a grown-up. I figured I'd know when I started paying all my own bills or when I started living by myself or when I got a real job.

But perhaps I realized I was a grown-up as I watched Justin Bieber singing onstage in the movie. There he was, being screamed for by a thousand teenage girls. And there I was, identifying not with the girls but with the moms who'd brought them to the concerts.


Baby Bieber. Not even kidding.


All this said, I'm still obsessed with him. I still bop around my room to his music on a near-daily basis. I still waste time watching videos of him on YouTube. (I got a kick out of this one in particular.) I still find myself in awe of his incredible voice (and dance moves). I still can't wait for his next CD to come out. But this popstar-obsessing all feels a little different than it once did.

If you asked me, though, if I might ever have a crush on him in the future, you know, when he's gotten a little bit older and taller, and when his voice is deeper and he's finally in his twenties,

I'd say, Never say never.