Sing to me, Adam Levine

Okay, so I've always known Maroon 5 was good. (I mean, let's be honest— "She Will Be Loved" is one of my favorite songs of all time, and Adam Levine is one of the prettiest men on the planet.) Until this week, however, I never realized how truly brilliant this band is.



Until this week, I had only heard two songs from their newest CD. As I studied for my comm. theory test on Tuesday, however, I listened to the whole thing. And then I listened to it again. And again and again and again. It's BRILLIANT.

You know how when you were in the eighth grade, every love song that you heard on the radio (or through the headphones of your Discman*) seemed to be written about the kid you had a crush on?

Well, I have found the same thing to be true for me as a college senior listening to Maroon 5. Except that the kid I had a crush on has been replaced by the Missouri School of Journalism. Seriously.

Listen to these Maroon 5 lyrics: "I am in misery / There ain't no body who can comfort me / Why won't you answer me / The silence is slowly killing me"

I know, right? It's like the song was written about my wait for a letter from my dream grad school. And you want to know what it's called? "Misery." Like Missouri.** Get it? Get it? Yes, I've been acting like this all week month.

So I'm going to go try to quit freaking out, and you all should listen to some Maroon 5. It is sent from the heavens above. Of course I put "Misery" first for you all in this little playlist. ("No Curtain Call" might be my favorite. Or "Just a Feeling." Or "Stutter." Or "How." Who am I kidding? They're all amazing.) Let me know your favorites in the comments!

*Remember the days of running with Discmans? (Discmen?) Why didn't we just carry boomboxes on our shoulders? And, why, yes, I just tweeted this exact thought while writing this blog.

**And I tweeted this exact thought on Tuesday.