Excuse me while I fall for you.

Taylor, Becs, and I headed to Nashville yesterday to see Ben Rector and Steve Moakler in concert. Let me just tell you, I have such a crush on Steve Moakler. He is so ridiculously talented and adorable. He sounds great on his CD, but he sounds incredible live.

And, seriously, the combo of his voice + his guitar playing skills + his sweet demeanor + his song about his little sister + his lovely lyrics = love on my part.

If you are asking yourself whether he could possibly get more adorable, the answer is no. No, he could not.

Also, he loves Jesus. And he, like me, was bred in Pittsburgh but calls the South home. I know, right?

Here are a few of my favorite songs of his. (I think "All the Faint Lights" is my number one fave.) You can get all of his music here.

Here I am with Tay and Becs before we got into the venue!


Steve rocking it out / being adorable.


One of the cutest things about the show was that Ben and Steve kept helping each other out for each other's songs. They sounded awesome together. (Also, please note Steve's jaw in this photo!)


One happy surprise of the night was that Matt Wertz was in the crowd! He joined them on stage for one song. (Remember last time I blogged about him?)


Yes, please.


I hope I get to see them again sometime soon!

iTunes pages: Steve, Ben, Matt