Holy #@!$%, I am on Huffington Post

That's right, folks. Yours truly clicked on this link for quote The STRICTEST Colleges endquote ... only to find my own smiling face looking back at me.

Because, apparently, one writer at the good ol' Huffington Post considers Asbury University (which, despite posting a picture full of students wearing AU t-shirts, he mistakenly refers to as "Asbury College") to be among the strictest schools in the country.


The blurb for the article, which was posted today, reads, "The handbook of Asbury College, located in Kentucky, is based around a 'radical commitment to Jesus Christ,' which includes mandatory class attendance and a no-smoking policy."

Mandatory class attendance!? No smoking!? Commitment to Jesus!? Who do the rule-makers at this institution think they are!?

Give me a break, HuffPost. I've never felt restricted at Asbury University, only blessed.