Saw this Tuesday Wednesday at midnight with Abby, Marie, DJ, and Emily! (Again.)


Loved it!

Lingering impressions and questions:

  • Edward is so attractive.
  • Why has no vampire asked for my hand in marriage?
  • Jacob is so attractive.
  • Why is Jacob only 18?
  • How come I gave up on the fourth book without finishing it?
  • How do I get my hair to look like Bella Swan's?
  • That new bad vampire is so attractive.
  • Couldn't they have found a different person to replace Victoria?
  • Why does Edward like Bella Swan?
  • Why does Jacob like Bella Swan?
  • Why, in general, does Bella Swan come across as so unlikeable?
  • Who does that-stupid-guy-who-sat-behind-us-and-made-rude-comments-and-burping-noises think he is?
  • If Jacob Black kissed me, I would not punch him in the face.
  • But if I did punch him in the face, and I did break my hand, I would not mind having Dr. Cullen bind the wound.
  • Just saying.