Birthdays everywhere!

Marie-Claire DeJarnett, you are twenty-one! This here is your birthday poem; it's only just begun! I hope your special day was nothing short of great and that this poem makes you think, "Man, I miss Kate."


Look, there we are, just a couple of weeks ago! (We make pretty convincing Asians, if I do say so.) You are big time cheesing for this photograph, and you never fail to make me laugh!


I wish I could speak French like you; vraiment vraiment je fais. That would have rhymed if it had been English. (I think, but I might be wrongish.)


I'm glad that you stayed around Lex this summer and that I've gotten to see you some. I can't wait to be back with you at school because living in the apartments is going to be oh-so-cool.


Remember when we were wee little freshmen not so long ago? Back then I thought college would feel really slow. Unfortunately, it has gone much much too fast. We haven't had enough homework hangouts, Target trips, and nights in the caf!


So next year we must vow to have lots of fun together! Because I need Marie in my life like I need sunny weather! I'm glad that you were born 21 years ago today. You make the world a prettier, Frenchier, curlier place!

p.s. I re-read this later and realized that some of it doesn't rhyme at all! Some and summer!? C'mon, Kate! I am going to leave it in its original state, though.