My roomie is 22! Whaaat!?

Happy birthday to Jenelle, my dear roommate;
you check this blog infrequently, so I’m sure you’ll see this late,
but when you do, you’ll know my love for you is true.
I can’t wait to be back at school and to live again with you!


Look how cute we were first semester freshman year!
Can’t believe how fast college has gone; we’re almost to senior year!
I Facebook-stalked you like crazy even before we got to school;
I knew I wanted to be your friend because you seemed crazy cool.


And look at us now, girrrl;
we’re an odd couple for sure.
Spontaneous vs. scheduled, messy vs. neat. . .
you make me stay sane, and you make me complete!


You amazed me all year with perseverance in studies and work.
Despite a lot on your plate, you kept a positive attitude and never went berserk.
I love our late night convos and your caring heart for others.
(I also love the way you adore both your crazy brothers!)


So thank you for your smile, your laughter, and the way you look at life.
(I bet your future husband would be jealous that I’ve already lived with his wife!)
I hope you’re having loads of fun and learning lots way down in Mexico;
I’m wishing you a happy 22nd, and I wanted you to know!