It's been too long.

1. Sarah's b-day

Dear Sarah, I am sorry that your birthday poem’s late.
I thought of you on June 12 while I swam internet-less-ly in Cumberland Lake.
Can’t believe that you are already 21!
Here we are in 2nd grade, being cute and having fun!


Remember all those times we’d hang out in your basement?
We’d play Pretty Pretty Princess and Crash Bandicoot, and eat ice cream (chocolate chip mint).
Correction: you’d play Crash Bandicoot, and I would sit and watch.
But that’s okay; I forgive you. (Your Crash skills were top notch.)


Here we are at 8 years old. (I’m not quite sure what we’re doing.)
All the pillows indicate we’re in the old youth room, so I think it was a movie viewing.
Who knew then that you would become such a movie buff?
You now love your classic films and know all your cinema stuff!


Here we are again at my fifth grade birthday party!
Your gel pens were my favorite gift; you would pick something fun and arty!
I digress to point out something humorous about this little pic:
Megan gave me a Family Christian Bookstores gift certificate!


And here we are with Amy just a week before I moved to Kentucky.
Saying goodbye to you girls was totally yucky.
But then you did a happy thing and followed me right down here.
It was like the universe couldn’t function without our having each other near


We graduated high school together, like kindergarten and fifth grade before.
But graduations aren’t over for us; we’ve still got one more!
Note to us: let’s never ever pose in front of a Pepsi machine again.
I promise not to if you promise not to. Forever and ever amen.


I’m so glad we’ve stayed friends across the states and over the years.
To you – fab photographer, raconteur, and friend – I raise non-alcoholic cheers!
Confession: I looked up “raconteur” in the dictionary to make sure I used it right.
I want to see you when you return from Haiti because your pics will be quite a sight!


So here we are, the two of us, in another six or seven decades.
Our hair will go gray, and our hearing will fail, but our friendship will never fade.
In case you’re wondering, you’re in the yellow, and I am in the pink.
I mean, come on, Sarah, what did you think?

2. The Bachelorette

I was dying during the Bachelorette on Monday. Kasey, you are insane.

Ridiculous moments like these are the reason I love this show.

"Yeah, it's pretty intense stuff."

Talk about painfully awkward hilarious.

These clips are just chock full o' golden soundbites.

"So you're gonna be the tattooed Bachelorette guy for the rest of your life. . ."

"I wanna guard and protect her heart." x 11,000

"All you guys are like diamonds in my heart; you're like my brothers."

"That hurts my heart, dude."

"They loved it. They thought it was a great, great, great addition to my life. They thought it was very inspiring. They thought it was very courageous, and they thought that, you know what, Kase? I can respect you for doing something like that."

This boy is living in a dream world. All his lines sound like they've been practiced in front of the mirror. If only I could find the clip in which he says, "This is my heart. Jump in. Stay a while. . ."

3. Houseboat trip

Had a blast at Betsy's houseboat for Emily's bachelorette weekend!


The water felt perfect!


Brides-to-be Emily and Laura were our bookends in this pic!

I used almost an entire bottle of SPF 55 in an attempt to keep my skin the way I like it. (What can I say? I was out of 75.)

4. Work

My little kids at work simultaneously crack me up and wear me out.

Some of my favorite quotations from the week:

"Dear Jesus, please do not go back to heaven, but stay in my heart." – 4-year-old boy during prayer

"Miss Kate, I've seen a real live dead bird before." – 5-year-old girl after I explained that we shouldn't pick up feathers that we find outside

"Oh, my gosh. I never seen this high heel in my whole– in time– in life. – 4-year-old girl going through the costume box

"When are you getting married, Miss Kate?" – 5-year-old girl

"You eat them with your eyes. Like this: blink, blink, blink." – 4-year-old boy on eye-drops

I felt like such a teacher earlier today.

One of my girls told me that her mom promised to get her a Hannah Montana watch when she learned to tell time. I got all concerned because I realized it would probably be at least another 3 years before she got taught this in school! Think of all the drama that Miley Cyrus stir up in the next 3 years! She's 17 now. Just how insane will she be at 20?

I knew that for my little girl to get her watch before Miley went so insane that parents wouldn't buy Hannah merchandise anymore, she would need to begin to learn to tell time right then.

So I scoured the room for supplies and managed to make a practice clock – complete with spinning hands – out of just a paper plate, some construction paper, a pipe cleaner, and some markers!


I was so proud of it that I snapped a cell phone photo.

Let me tell you what; that girl is pretty doggone bright.

The telling-time thing was clicking for her after just a few minutes of practice! I tucked it away in her backpack for her to practice at home, so I'm hoping it won't be too long before she comes to school with her Hannah watch!