Kirsten's 21st!

Kirsten, girl, today’s the day
that you turn 21.
So glad I got to know you this year
’cause you are loads of fun!


You are the most adorable creature
to grace our planet world.
I still appreciate that time that you
made my hair all curled.

There was also that time we took a finals week trip
to the heavenly place they call Sonic
to indulge ourselves with Coca-Cola
because our need for it is chronic.


It hurts my heart when I think how much
college passed before we were friends.
But next year we’re totally making up for lost time
and hanging out like on it our life depends.

That was totally grammatically incorrect;
I beg you, dear, to forgive me.
I wish we were together right now
watching The Bachelor or maybe Glee!


So that is the poem to you from me.
I now must bid you adieu.
Thank you for being so lovely and kind
and brightening every room you walk into