Finals week

kind of makes me want to jump off a building. Is that bad to say? My brother talks sometimes about bad ideas that caught on for no reason. I feel like finals week is an example.



Isn't there a better way to find out what we learned during the semester than to give us several huge exams in rapid succession during the warmest days of the school year, when our brains are most fried, and when all we want to do is to hang out with the friends who are about to graduate and/or leave for the next few months?

My Finals Week Poem

Memorize, regurgitate, analyze, criticize, elaborate, worry that I'll wake up late

Essays, true/false, multiple choice Practice Spanish till I lose my voice

Flash cards, highlighters, notes and notes and notes, memorize more Plato quotes

Slam my head against a wall one time, two times, that is all

Finals are designed to kill If studying doesn't do me in, the exams surely will

Off I go to study some more (i.e. to further fry my brain).