Make-Me-Happy Tuesdays

Want to know what made me happy today (and the last three days)? Not being on a schedule. And I am exercising my lack of schedule by posting this on Tuesday rather than Monday. So far on break I have:

  • designed two posters
  • read three chapters of my Spanish textbook (¡en español!)
  • read all of this book for my Spanish paper
  • read half of this book for my Spanish paper
  • outlined my Spanish paper
  • finally come up with a topic for my screenplay for narratives
  • downloaded a program that will make writing said screenplay much quicker/easier
  • read five chapters of my narratives textbook
  • met best friend Brooke's boyfriend
  • hung with best friend Lindsay
  • missed best friend Taylor
  • called my workplace from last year and secured a summer job
  • scheduled a much needed haircut

Which reminds me. . . I can't decide what to do about my hair!!! Remember when I had this dilemma, oh, eight months ago? Well, for several weeks I've been planning to get it chopped off like this... And I've been majorly looking forward to it, but I just keep thinking about best friend Emily's wedding this summer, and I can't DECIDE!


Bridesmaids (missing Brooke and Laura) and the lovely bride! (My right arm has never looked more awkward than it does in this photo.)

Maybe I want it to be long for the wedding!? Can't decide! I usually get it all cut off in the spring. In fact, 2009 was the first year in five years that I didn't get it all cut off . . . as evidenced by this compilation photo I made while watching American Idol.


2005-2008 (clockwise from top left)

Am I ridiculous for making a compilation photo of my haircuts? YES. Does it help indecisive and visually-learning people like me? YES. The haircut is tomorrow at 4:00! What to do? What to do? What to do? More reading for Spanish. . . Well, that I don't have much of a choice about.