Make-Me-Happy Mondays

Dear blog, It has been too long. And I apologize for this.

I'm bummed that I haven't been able to keep up with this blog as much as I'd like to. I've kept up with MMHM's for the most part, but I feel like all of my recent posts have been about how much work I have to do. Every week I think the next week will be different. And every week I am wrong. There is simply too much to get done. I don't even know what to do about it.

But I am taking this short break from studying (for my marketing test Wednesday...bleh) for MMHM.

There have been a lot of things I have wanted to blog about recently:

1. That I recently learned that two of my all-time favorite people have gotten blogs


best friend Lindsay

(She cared for Haiti before it was cool to care for Haiti. )


And big brother Jack

(He's kind of a celeb. Don't believe me? I took a photo of a text message one of my friends got the other day from one of her friends, who happens to stalk follow him on Twitter.)


(And, okay, she spelled his last name wrong, but who cares? She acted like she'd spotted a celeb.)

2. Asbury's switch from Asbury College to Asbury University

It feels much weirder than I expected it would. A bunch of board members visited the school to celebrate the switch, and one of them asked me what the students' general opinion of the new name was.

I said it was bittersweet.

Bitter because every memory until that point had been made at Asbury College, and it was sad to say goodbye to something we've loved so much, even if that something is only seven letters.

Sweet because I think we all feel like the best is yet to come for this place. It's so exciting to see where it's headed with the new buildings and programs, etc., etc., and to know that the Lord who has brought Asbury to this transition will never change. [Why, yes, we did sing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" in chapel on Friday ("Thou changest not; thy compassions, they fail not / As thou has been, thou forever wilt be"). Good choice, chapel song pickers.]

So what's my first memory at Asbury University? Staying up until 2:00 a.m. on Friday night to paint variations of "Vote for Jenelle" on pink t-shirts. Oh, how I love campaigning for things. Pictures to come.

Also, having my picture on the site. Is it lame that I'm excited about that ... because I am.


(Can you spot me?)

3. That I haven't had time to watch American Idol

That is when you know this girl is busy. When she hasn't watched American Idol. But this week will, in fact, make week number 3 that I haven't watched my favorite TV show in the history of time.

I know. I have to quit something.

4. That I think Burger King should SUE THE CRAP out of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland for writing this ridiculous song


We talked about trademarks in marketing class about three hours ago, and with this song in mind, I asked my prof. if a company could sue somebody for using their slogan and win in court.

And he said yes.

So please sue away, Burger King Corp. (or IHOP, for that matter) because I'm pretty sure Justin Timberlake has a ton of money and is making even more off that song.

(I'm not even sure why it bothered me so much. Maybe it's all my PR classes. If I worked in Burger King PR, I would not be too happy with JT and his buddy.)

4. Various other things that I am now struggling to remember

Perhaps that is a pointless thing to say, but it is true.

Oh, oh, wait. I remembered one.

5. That I think this movie looks really interesting.

6. What made me happy today

Which was getting a text message from Abby saying, "Cookout at 6:30!" Because, let me tell you, friends and hamburgers are just about the best study break there is.

What made you happy today?

*Disclaimer: this blog was not, in fact, posted at 5:26 Monday as indicated. That is when I started the post. It was actually published on Tuesday morning. Sorry, Monday.