Make-Me-Happy Mondays

I woke up in a foul mood today. Okay, that's not actually true.

I woke up, glanced out the window, and found myself unable to differentiate between the sky and the road (or the trees or the grass or the buildings, for that matter). That's how gray and snowy it was. So I hit snooze and put my head back down on the pillow, knowing that when I got up five minutes later, I could check my phone and find a nice little emergency text message from the provost saying that all classes had been cancelled (and peace on earth and good will to men). I could read the text message, breathe a sigh of relief and contentment, and crawl back into my oh-so-warm bed.



But when my alarm did go off again and I did check my phone, I found no such text message.

I frantically logged onto the school web site and scanned for that little red and white Inclement Weather Update. No such update. Thus began the foul mood.

When I ventured outside, it was dreary as all get out. That's really the only word. DREARY.

I was mad at the ice on the sidewalk and the slush that soaked into the bottoms of my jeans and the wind that felt like icy needles against my cheeks and the snow that landed (and consequently melted) on my hair. GRRR was I mad.



I went to my first class and kept my purse in my lap the whole time because I couldn't exactly set it on the puddle that was our classroom floor. I went to chapel after that and kept my coat on the whole time because apparently the person who controls the thermostat is an eskimo.

Still in my foul mood, I made my way up the stairs after chapel to my 11:00 and guess what.

My prof. didn't show.

That's right. I had a cancelled class.

And just like that, my day brightened a little.

I had more time to do my work, more time to spend at lunch, etc., etc., etc.

And then guess what happened.

My 2:00 got cancelled, too!

That's right, folks, two cancellations in one day! Two for three – I'd say that's pretty good!

So what made me happy this Monday was – you guessed it – cancelled classes.

I hope tomorrow and the rest of the week brings you (and me) some (more) of the same.