Make-Me-Happy Mondays

I am a horrible blogger because it has been a week since my last blog and because my page presently displays the last three Make-Me-Happy Mondays! I've just been so busy with school lately! For the first few weeks, I was still kind of easing back into college, and this week college went BAM! DO A TON OF WORK!

Not giving up on Make-Me-Happy Mondays, though!

What Makes Me Happy this week is doppelgängers!

Apparently, it's National Doppelgänger Week, so a lot of people on Facebook switched their photos to celebs that they look like! I switched mine to Miss Anne Hathaway.

Anyway, I've gotten such a kick out of seeing my friends' celeb doubles. I have picked some doppelgängers for my friends who blog!


Miss Taylor is Jessica Alba


Lovely Sarah is Julia Stiles


Dear Marie is fellow French-woman Audrey Tautou


Beautiful Anna is Emma Roberts


Luscious Lola is Winona Ryder


And adorable DJ is Miss Isla Fisher!

I have such lovely friends!