Make-Me-Happy Mondays


This morning I woke up, glanced at the clock on my bedside table, and thought to myself, "This time next week, I will be in class. DANG IT."

Seriously, Christmas break is flying/has flown by ridiculously fast, and I'm not exactly eagerly anticipating the return to tests and studying and textbooks and papers and — Okay, I'm actually kind of upsetting myself right now just by typing all of that.

I don't want to sound ungrateful. It's not that I dislike college. I love college, and I love Asbury, and I am grateful that I get to go. I have hilarious and beautiful friends there, and I thoroughly enjoy the time that we spend watching movies and goofing off — and not dancing — inside and outside of the dorm. I love both of my jobs at school to the point that they don't really feel like jobs. I love random trips to Walmart and how everybody in the car sings along to whatever song is on the radio. I love how bizarre we all are and how funny everything gets when we're really really tired. And, seriously, when else in my life will I have access to this number of closets?

The number of things I love about college far far outweighs the number of things that I don't love. I'm talking like 50 to 1 probably. But for whatever reason, I am letting the few things I hate overshadow the great number of things I love.

So I have decided to institute on this blog... Drum roll please...

Make-Me-Happy Mondays

Lots of other bloggers have Things-I-Like Thursdays. This is kind of like that, but it comes on Monday because, let's be honest, Mondays are a lot harder to get through than Thursdays.

So every Monday I will write about something that Makes Me Happy. That will make the yucky things easier to forget about.

On this inaugural Monday, I have chosen: how snow makes everything a little bit more like Narnia and Hogwarts.



(Because if magical worlds aren't happy, I don't know what is!)