Make-Me-Happy Mondays

What makes me happy this Monday is birthday girl Taylor! Here is a (ridiculous and rhyming) poem in her honor:

Taylor, I don't know what I would do without thee

Except be bored and significantly less happy

It's hard to believe you're twenty-one

It seems just yesterday we sat in your room and had fun


Oh, wait, that was yesterday, but your age is still shocking

Your glorious curls are always shiny and rocking

I accidentally typed "girls" in that line rather than "curls"

So it sounded quite squirrels (?)

Your devotion to things truly makes me marvel

Gossip Girl, Twilight, Dollhouse, and Smallville

Perhaps "marvel" and "Smallville" do not rhyme, but, alas,

I lack your rhetoric and your bodacious...vocabulary

I had such fun with you in Tennessee

Sleeping, going to Target, and drinking Pal's tea


You helped me get through biology lab

When I really just wanted to give all the frogs a good stab

I cannot believe that was freshman year

and that we didn't know each other when we first got here

I thought you were pretty the first time I saw you, though!

Yes, of Jessica Alba, you reminded me so

You soon became one of my dearest friends on campus, nay, the planet

And in so many situations you have helped me keep my sanit-y


Together we've conquered papers, assignments, and tests galore

Without your friendship, I would have collapsed on the floor

Words cannot capture your importance to me

Just know I love everything about you

Congrats on being one-and-twenty!