Home for Christmas

My favorite night of the year, hands down, is the annual Christmas party/sleepover with all my girls from home. It's so hard to get all 9 girls in one place at one time these days, so the time that we spend together seems to fly by.

Tuesday evening we met at Jenna's for this get-together.


Jenna, our host, and Brooke

It was my sixth time participating in this get-together. My first was in 2004 during my sophomore year of high school, the first Christmas that I lived in Kentucky! That seems like longer than five years ago. It's so amazing to me that the friends I made within a month of moving to Kentucky are still my best friends!


Betsy came all the way up from Auburn!

We all brought something for a potluck, and I must say that these girlies are awesome cooks! Brooke even made rolls from scratch before our very eyes! It made me miss our every-other-Friday potlucks in high school. Everybody would sign up to bring a main dish or a side dish or a dessert, etc., and we'd share it in the cafeteria!


Lindsay looking pretty in pink

Our gift exchange was ridiculously fun! We played a game with dice for which you had to roll double sixes before you could take a gift from the middle. Once everybody had a gift, we had five minutes to roll snake eyes. Every time somebody rolled snake eyes, she could steal someone else's gift and give the other person hers. We all kept rolling snake eyes, so we were all stealing like crazy!


Kristina and Laura on the couch!

At one point during the evening, we all bundled up and walked the half-block down to Kristina's house to serenade her parents and grandparents with Christmas carols (a.k.a. Jingle Bells, O Holy Night, and...the National Anthem? Don't ask.) I hope to post video of our singing when Kristina uploads it to Facebook.


Stephanie keeping warm!

After caroling, we watched old movies (most from before I even moved here but a couple from after my move). It was so funny to see how everybody looked back pre-braces and pre-straighteners, etc. I can't help wishing I'd gotten to spend those years with them. I'm so happy that we've remained friends through college and still have years of friendship ahead of us!


Emily, the soon-to-be bride!

Emily's upcoming wedding was a hot topic of conversation all evening! I am so excited to see her get married this summer and for all the fun leading up to the wedding. She promised she would still be at our Christmas party next year! I love knowing that we're all staying close even as we get older.

Here's the only group picture I have for now, but we took a billion on others' cameras, so I will put a better one up once everyone uploads to Facebook.


I love these girls. Love is an understatement. I adore/cherish/treasure them. Hanging out with them was such a blast. (I even looked at my phone when I thought it was a little past midnight and realized it was 3:52 in the morning!) I only wish the night had lasted longer. Until next year!