Something Beautiful

Finally blogging about the (magical) Needtobreathe concert! I know; I know. I'm TOO studious. I seriously need to slack off and blog already!

Best friend Lindsay and I decided two weeks ago today to act like the college kids that we are and drive to Louisville the next day--on a school night, no less--to see one of our favorite bands, Needtobreathe!


Here we are inside the concert waiting for Needtobreathe to come out!

And let me just tell you. They were amazing. The venue was really small, so we got to be way up close. Close enough, in fact, to wonder whether or not that ring on the bassist Seth Bolt's finger was a wedding ring! (We still don't know.)

What we DO know is that he and all the other guys (!) were kind enough to talk to us after the show and even take pictures with us!


Well, hello, bassist!

He was so intense about everything. Check out his face in the vid at the end. I even took this picture of him talking to another fan.


I'm so creepy. But I needed to document how attentive he was to everyone!


Here's Linds with lead singer Bear! I really wanted to ask him about his inspiration for my favorite song of theirs, "Over Now," but I didn't! I think it's most definitely about my legs!


Here we are with the oh-so-cute Bo and two of Lindsay's friends from Eastern. They were so much fun!


All the girls with drummer Joe! He talked to us for a long time!

Here is my favorite song of the night (and my fave off their new CD), "Something Beautiful"! They turned off their mics and did it all acoustic! My camera wasn't even zoomed in; this is how close we were! Aaaah, so good!

I really really really (I know, articulate, right?) want to go see them in Nashville in early October with Lindsay and best friend Kristina, but I'm way too studious and may deem the trip a threat to my A in persuasion or my A in intercultural communications. We will see. I hope I slack off and decide to go!