I saw this at the grocery store yesterday


and thought to myself, "If only it were that simple." Seriously, if they could bottle healing, I would purchase it.

On a lighter note, I have good news about mis ojos, my eyes. Remember this day—when I vented about my doctor putting me on medicine for my legs that has made putting in contacts incredibly uncomfortable for the last two and a half years?

And remember how for a long time I just wore one contact or put in eye drops every few minutes or stuck my fingers in my eyes to scoot my contacts around and what not? And I even believed what my eye doctor said—that I'd developed an allergy to the contacts themselves?

And then I kind of gave up on wearing contacts all together and just dealt with glasses and had to buy new sunglasses to fit over my glasses but always felt disappointed during dress up events because they meant whole evenings of eye discomfort?

Yeah, well, I saw a new eye doctor yesterday, and she was very familiar with this particular side effect to that drug and has prescribed eye drop steroids for me to take and says that I should be able to wear contacts comfortably again within the month!!! She said that in 18 years of being an eye doctor, she has only had one patient that she has not been able to get back into contacts.

Take that, leg meds! These lashes are too long to be concealed behind all that glass.