Pale People

When I was younger, kids used to give me a hard time about being pale. It was at its worst in elementary and middle school and lessened somewhat by the time I got to high school, and now that I'm in college, most of my peers have enough tact not to bring it up in a negative way. But I've definitely had "Get a tan!" said to me more times than I would like to think about, and I'm often still the one people want to stand next to in pictures to make themselves look tanner.

And, though this used to bother me to no end, and I would rejoice when I got any kind of color in the summer, I have gradually come to terms with my fair skin. Okay, "come to terms with" is an understatement. I'm kind of loving it. And I'm kind of religiously applying SPF every morning.

Primarily because I think these people are beautiful: