I kind of feel like Ariel.

You know, from The Little Mermaid? Yes, I feel like Ursula stole my voice because it has been gone for the last three days, and I'm getting kind of tired of squeaking/whispering out words.


It would, of course, be all worth it if Prince Eric decided to show up.


But I kind of doubt that that is going to happen.

Also, I just said goodbye to Brooke, who's going to be gone for TWO WEEKS, and I am sad. I hate goodbyes.

Addendum 6/16: As soon as I walked into work yesterday and started talking, one of my little four-year-olds asked, "Um, Miss Kate, why is your mouth broken?" It was the. cutest. thing. Two of the two-year-olds even asked to see in my mouth to see what was wrong. Bahaha, I love them.