My glasses are fixed!

I am wearing them right now. The eye doctor worked them back into place in seriously like two minutes on Friday morning. I was elated. Last night I hung out with these fun girls.


Kristina used her hair-doing abilities to put bumps in our hair, but I don't know whether or not you can tell that in these pictures.

I started my job at the daycare Thursday, and I have a newfound appreciation for parents of small children. Kids are super cute but ridiculously exhausting.

I'm seriously looking forward to Brooke's brother's wedding this weekend! I can't wait to hear my own brother's best man speech and to wear my new dress from Express and to dance with my girlies! I will be posting pictures!

Aaaaaah, American Idol is starting! Go Kris! Go Kris! Go Kris! Off I go to watch Kris be amazing!