I can't decide.


On Friday night, a bunch of us payed $9.50 (!) to go see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D. I kind of just went because all my friends were going, but it turned out to be hilarious. Here we all are outside the movie theater in our sassy spectacles.


On Saturday night, we watched Twilight in my dorm room. We love you, Edward Cullen.

Today I Skyped with my lovely roommate, who's in Spain, and then spent like seven hours working on the final draft of my article for my magazine class.

Now my brain is fried, and I'm just debating whether or not to run for PR director next year, which is the same thing I've been debating for the last several weeks. Unfortunately, the app is due tomorrow, and I'm no closer to a decision than I was all those weeks ago.

Tomorrow I've got PT again, and I'm going to use the underwater treadmill for the first time. We will see how my legs cooperate!