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The post that broke the internet + the follow-up

(I'm assuming this is why you came.)

Posts on pop culture, celebs, and media

("Bell Curve of Beefy" is my personal favorite post.)


Bad Advice I Read on Pinterest (a series)

Think before you pin, people.


Glamour & Grammar (a series) 

The intersection of pop culture and grammatical correctness

My life and musings

If someone has an opinion and doesn't put it on the internet, does the tree make a sound?

Faith, grace, and what I’m learning

Sometimes I get serious.

And, of course, some of my posts have a little bit of everything.

Here you'll find an archive of all posts dating back to the year TWO THOUSAND SEVEN.

p.s. Whenever I go back and read my own old posts, I think, WHY DID I EVER PUBLISH THIS ON THE INTERNET? Please tell me I’m not the only one.