About moi.

I’m basically a mixture of Hermione Granger and Liz Lemon, but people seem to like me anyway.

I’m 29 and newlywed to one Andrew J. W. Smith.

I live in Indiana, but I left big chunks of my heart in Kentucky and Missouri and Georgia.

I’m a not-so-recent grad of the Mizzou J-School and Asbury University.

I like to design and write and edit. I can’t figure out if my favorite color is Pantone 710 C or Pantone 812 M.

I love my friends and my family. Everyone says that, but I’m convinced I mean it more.

I love running.

I’m in a near constant state of wanting to go to Target.

Some days I get sad that I’m not Kelly Clarkson.

Every day I’m learning about grace — how much I need it, how much I don’t deserve it, how much it changes everything.