Christmas Movies

Every day this Christmas break, my friend Marie-Claire and I have decided to join up in our blogging efforts. We will be choosing a topic and posting our own interpretation of it. So follow along with both of us as we share our completely reliable opinions on fashion, pop culture, and life before our last semester of grad school.

What are my favorite Christmas movies, you ask?

5. Harry Potter series

Christmastime at Hogwarts sounds even more magical than Hogwarts during the rest of the year, if that is possible. I want to go to the Christmas feast in the Great Hall and open presents with the Weasleys. Is that too much to ask?

4. Gilmore Girls Christmas episodes

So maybe including a television show is cheating, but Stars Hollow looks like the perfect place to spend Christmas, and I always get the urge to watch this show when it gets cold outside. (The day Gilmore Girls is made available on Netflix Instant is the day that I cease to be productive for the rest of time...)

3. A Muppet Christmas Carol

Our family used to own this movie on VHS, but we lent it to some family friends when I was a kid and never got it back. I am still bitter. I don't remember enough about the movie to say why I loved it, but I know I did.

2. Serendipity

This is not only one of my favorite Christmas movies but also one of my favorite anytime movies. New York City sounds like a wonderful place to spend Christmas, what with the decked out department stores and outdoor skating rinks. Plus, Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack are perfect together.

1. The Family Man

It has come to my attention recently that a lot of people have never seen this movie. If this is true of you, get your hands on a copy at once. My mom bought a copy from the $5 bin at Walmart because I wanted to rent it every single Christmas. It just makes me want to snuggle up in a blanket with hot chocolate and my family and celebrate togetherness. That sounds so cheesy, but it's so true. What are your favorite Christmas movies?

Loyalty and love — or something like that.

Remember that time we talked about Express's ridiculous promos for their perfume, Love? Well, I was back in the store Monday, and lo and behold, they've done it again. For men this time. I mean, if they're going to throw skewed portrayals of love at women, they better do something comparable for men, right?

Their new cologne for men is called — wait for it — Loyalty. And check out this ad they're running:

If that picture doesn't convey loyalty, I don't know what does. They look so loyal to each other, what with their wedding rings and all. What with that look of commitment on his face. What with their obvious interest in something more than each other's bathing-suited bod.

Oh, wait, what's that you say? This picture doesn't convey loyalty AT ALL? I guess that's just Express's M.O. — take a worthwhile idea and cheapen it. The name hints of something real, and the image makes you look, so they throw them together and reveal how truly low their standards are.

It's not that I think the images in Express's perfume and cologne ads are any trashier than those in any other fragrance ads. They're actually tamer than some I've seen. It's the pairing of these images with these names that gets to me. Words derive their meaning from their context. That's like Linguistics 101.

So put the word "Loyalty" next to an image of two half-naked models, one of whom is practically groveling and one of whom looks blasé at best, and to those who see it — and view it with an uncritical eye — that's what loyalty comes to mean. Not all at once and not all the way, but somewhat. And that's a shame.

So I've come up with few alternative names for Express's cologne. These words, I believe, fit better with the image they've chosen. (I've included both adjectives and nouns, so take your pick and run with it, Express, and don't worry about compensating me. I do all my linguistic integrity preservation pro bono.)

This is so my life.

Sometimes I wonder how much I'd get done if it weren't for the Internet. But then I get distracted by the fact that I haven't checked Twitter in five minutes.

Aziz has summed up my struggles with the Internet pretty well.

p.s. How totes adorbs is Aziz Ansari?