Make way! Here he comes! Ring bells! Bang the drums!

(♪ Are you gonna love this guy! ♫)

My brother, Jack, is flying to Missouri on Thursday to hang for a little bit and then make the drive back to Kentucky with me. This video pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

Blogging on the go.

Here's my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone! I've been on the go go go for the last couple of weeks, and this is my second out-of-town weekend in a row. Here are a few pics of my recent adventures! (Some are instagrammed, and some are not. I should start taking pictures only with instagram because they look better that way!)

Drove through Cinci with my mom to visit Ikea! This was my fave desk there, so I just might be headed back up there this week to pick one up for my room!

Look what a champ my mom is! She always brings measuring tape on trips like this to make planning easy!

Met my lovely new housemate, Alysa! She will be a senior nursing student at Mizzou this year, and she is best friends with my dear friend Bethany!

Went to Betsy's houseboat for a weekend! Here I am with Linds and Stephanie on the run-about!

With Steph, Brooke, and Bets on top of the boat!

Got to see sweet Dottie and Adam right after they got engaged!

Her bling bling! She seriously has the cutest hands ever.

Got diagnosed with bronchitis! Aaah, daycare life. I was sick for no less than four of the six weeks I worked there this summer.

Wish I could post pics of my sweet kiddos from work. I've only been done for two days, and I already miss them. I can't really explain it. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I love them so!

Hopped into my new car with the whole fam on Thurs to drive down to Georgia to visit grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids! There's my dad navigating the roads!

Wish I'd taken more pics of my sweet cousins! Here are Chandler and Kip. The sweetest 7- and 4-year-old boys! They have brand new twin sisters, Emily Collins and Sterling, who I got to play with yesterday!

I will see my other little cousins, Canon and Abby Kate again tonight! They have another baby sister, Caroline Grace, on the way, too! Just wish I got to see them all more.

I'll be back in good ol' KY on Monday, and then it's crazy packingshoppingloadingcryingmovingfreakingout time! See you soon, Missouri!

Help me pick an iPhone case!

Look what my parents got me for my belated birthaduation!

(I call this my just got home from eight hours of work at the daycare and now lying on the couch and taking terrible photo booth pictures of myself look. How's it working for me?)

Yeaaaah! I feel like such a creative type when I'm carrying it around.

I need your help, though! I have to buy a case, and I don't know which kind to get. Any recommendations (or non-recommendations)?

Here are some cute ones I've seen, but I'm not limited to these (or to pink). I'm hoping to find one that is both safe and functional and not too expensive.


A Few of My Fave Inventions

Sort of in order but actually just off the top of my head...

1. internet

2. printing press

3. air conditioning

4. Coca-Cola

5. running water

6. phones/cell phones

7. cars

8. electricity

9. refrigerators

10. ibuprofen

11. sunglasses

What are yours?

p.s. Working on my new header RIGHT NOW.

Audrey and Marilyn

I did an Audrey Hepburn type portrait for graphic design class junior year, and it might be my fave thing I've ever designed. I've decided to work on a Marilyn Monroe portrait to complement Audrey. Her eyes, necklace, hair, etc., still need work, but here's what I have so far!


I'm thinking about starting an Etsy for these. What other celebs should I do? Grace Kelly? Jackie O? Who else?

I might do custom portraits as well. They kind of take forevs, but I just love them!