Ponte Vedra

Want to know where I'll be in two and a half weeks?



THE BEACH. Spring Break 2011, I am very excited about you.

KATELYN, my love.

Following the trend of birthdays of late. . .Picture definitions for Katelyn's 22nd!


groov·y /ˈgro͞ovē/ Adjective: Fashionable and exciting.


Geor·gian /ˈjôrjən/ Adjective: of or relating to the state of Georgia in the U.S.


lus·trous /ˈləstrəs/ Adjective: having luster, shining.


fan·cy /ˈfansē/ Adjective: Designed to impress.


be·spec·ta·cled /biˈspektəkəld/ Adjective: (of a person) Wearing eyeglasses.


chum·my /ˈCHəmē/ Adjective: On friendly terms

Katelyn, my froomie and my friend! I hope your 22nd was delicious.

Happy birthdays to Anna and DJ!

Continuing the tradition started by Liz's birthday, I did picture-definitions for your joint birthday post.

But. . . I put them in a slideshow!

Still riding the struggle bus in my attempt to get everything transferred from my old blog. Content missing here. #sadface

This is the first time I've used Picasa to make a picture slideshow. I hope it works for you all!

LOVE you both! Can't believe how old we all are!

Another birthday

Liz, you are twenty-one, alright,
but I fear my birthday poems are sounding quite trite,
because after this onethis one, and this one, my heavens,
and a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, and a seventh,
they’re all starting to sound the same.

So I have decided to go a new route:
one that is less poetry and more vocab.
This new route is called,

A Series of Photos
Each With a Vocab Word Describing Not Only That Photo But Also Our Relationship


comely |ˈkəmlē| adjective ( -lier, -liest) (typically of a woman) pleasant to look at; attractive. • agreeable; suitable.


outlandish |outˈlandi sh| adjective 1 looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliar : outlandish brightly colored clothes | the most outlandish ideas. 2 archaic foreign; alien.


saucy |ˈsôsē| adjective ( -cier , -ciest ) informal 1 impudent; flippant : a saucy remark. 2 bold and lively; smart-looking : a hat with a saucy brim. 3 suggestive, typically in a way intended to be lighthearted : saucy songs.


snug |snəg| adjective ( snugger , snuggest ) 1 comfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold : she was safe and snug in Ruth's arms | a snug cottage.


mellifluous |məˈlifloōəs| adjective(of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear : the voice was mellifluous and smooth.


gauche |gō sh | adjective lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.


wondrous |ˈwəndrəs| adjective poetic/literary inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight; marvelous : this wondrous city.

Happy birthday, Liz. I love you.

Oh, also, this ad came up on my Facebook today, and I screen-captured it specifically for you.


I know, right!? Even the Facebook ad people were celebrating your birthday.

Birthdays everywhere!

Marie-Claire DeJarnett, you are twenty-one! This here is your birthday poem; it's only just begun! I hope your special day was nothing short of great and that this poem makes you think, "Man, I miss Kate."


Look, there we are, just a couple of weeks ago! (We make pretty convincing Asians, if I do say so.) You are big time cheesing for this photograph, and you never fail to make me laugh!


I wish I could speak French like you; vraiment vraiment je fais. That would have rhymed if it had been English. (I think, but I might be wrongish.)


I'm glad that you stayed around Lex this summer and that I've gotten to see you some. I can't wait to be back with you at school because living in the apartments is going to be oh-so-cool.


Remember when we were wee little freshmen not so long ago? Back then I thought college would feel really slow. Unfortunately, it has gone much much too fast. We haven't had enough homework hangouts, Target trips, and nights in the caf!


So next year we must vow to have lots of fun together! Because I need Marie in my life like I need sunny weather! I'm glad that you were born 21 years ago today. You make the world a prettier, Frenchier, curlier place!

p.s. I re-read this later and realized that some of it doesn't rhyme at all! Some and summer!? C'mon, Kate! I am going to leave it in its original state, though.