I'm giving myself ten minutes to blog. Ready, set, go. I just spent an hour cleaning our apt. because it was so messy I couldn't think. I also can't think because my brain is FRIED from four years of thinking.



The next few days are going to be so busy. I hate hate hate hate hate that my last few days here at Asbury coincide with finals. Obviously this is inevitable, but it's creating an interesting conundrum.

The whole my brain is fried thing isn't working with the whole I have finals and projects thing which also isn't working with the whole I don't have a lot of time thing and the I want to spend what little time I do have with my friends thing, and that isn't working well with schedule already full thing.

Okay, it's been 10 minutes. Off I go to attempt to get stuff done. I keep daydreaming about my profs being like, "Hey, Kate, I know you've worked really hard for the last four years and that you are fully capable of getting an A on my final, so you should just skip it, take the grade that you have now, and spend your last few days with your friends."

Alas. Not gonna happen.

That was 11 minutes. BYE.